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    View vidoes at: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Donna+M+Orme and also with the group www.facebook.com/abstract7art/.

    View my work with over 45 artists at Gallery 24, 24 N Santa Cruz Ave.,
    Los Gatos, CA. Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday. 10am-5:30pm.
    At the Gallery are the following original pieces:
    "Delta”, "Teal.Blue.White", "C6.Copper.Green.Black" and "Awakening" acrylic paintings; "Petrified Leaves, 1/2" serigraphy'; "How Time Changes", Oil; "Angles" monoprint; "Swirling Heart I", "Swirling Heart II" monoprints, chine colle and "Cold Cache", acrylic monotype..

    View "Coil", Happiness Road", Orange.Blue" and "XO" acrylic paintings; "Moon Journeys" serigraphy; "Nuture, E.V. 9/25" monoprint, chine colle; "Polynesia.2" collagraph, chine colle and "Variations in Shape 10/10, etching, chine colle at Symphony of Color: Abstracts in Review, Danville Village Theatre & Art Gallery, 233 Front St., Danville, CA with the abstract7 group now through March 3, 2019.

    View 10 artworks at Sereno Group Real Estate, 258 High St., Palo Alto, CA.

    "Black Rings", Revolution" & "Floaters", acrylic paintings and "Mesolithic" acrylic/pastel and "Genetic Code.2" collagraph, cine colle on view at San Jose Bridge Club, 1190 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA now through May 28, 2019.